Music Control:


We've got tons of shiny boxes with little dancing lights on them to get your job done. We believe it is more important to just hand you the baby, but never the less, here are a few of our hardware highlights and technical capabilities:

  • Billiard Table
  • Swimming Pool
  • Full Bar
  • Dolby Napkin Rings
  • Apple Mac and Granny Smith Audio Systems
  • Digital Frenabulator
  • HiFi PopTarts
  • GhettoBlasster 9000 Polysyncroton
  • Boom Box Compatible!

But seriously…

We have a selection of high end Neumann (several), Rode, AKG, and Shure microphones, digital and analog consoles, along with a wall of analog outboard gear; not to mention the extensive arsenal of tools available in Logic Pro Audio.


See how our new studio came to be!




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